Formed in 2021 and based in Dundee.

Lee Sexton (Technical Director) has over 10 years’ experience working within the ICT industry, working for Large Enterprises as an ICT Manager, and working within the MSP industry.

We provide an alternative to having an in-house ICT service, we also work with existing in-house ICT services to provide extra support, project work, migrations to 365 etc if your company is needing that extra help and support or advice.
We understand how important ICT is to any business, it needs to run properly, or the business can grind to a halt as every department relies on good working systems.

We work best with businesses who understand this importance, understand that investment in the maintenance, upgrades and best fit technology is necessary to enhance their company profile and allow their users and company zero waste in man hours waiting on systems to work properly before they can. We want to help your business achieve that; your employees have the tools necessary to be productive.

We believe in making ICT work with as little downtime as possible, making sure that we are pro-active with our clients, we aim to be different in that we do not want you calling because of outages, we want to identify the weaknesses BEFORE they happen and rectify them.

This is born out of the frustrations I have had myself within the industry with the “stack them high” approach to an MSP. We feel it’s important not to have too many clients so that we can spend the time necessary to make sure you don’t need to worry and that you are in capable hands with a company that actually has the time to deal with you promptly, efficiently and confidently.

Our promise is to never have too many clients, the growth of our business will depend on the capability to deal with the customers we have, to make sure we have enough staff to deal with them and that is our USP. We do not want a “big fish and little fish” scenario, all our clients will be as important to us, no matter their size.