We have a 4 stage system:

Stage 1


We come on site and map out your environment, this is done so we know exactly where all your devices are. We immediately install our software across your systems to monitor and maintain them quickly identifying issues and creating a full asset register of your devices and servers.

Stage 2


We sit down with you after seeing what your infrastructure is, where the weak points may be and find out where you want to be and work together getting the best for solutions for you, this will never be based on the highest prices, where we see ourselves differently, we want the best fit for you not the most money for us.

Stage 3


Once we have identified your requirements and have fixed the existing issues we work together and agree on a timescale for any project work required and create a map of what, where and when.

Stage 4


We believe it is important to keep in communication with our customers. Every quarter we will schedule either a call or a face-to-face meeting (whichever is convenient to you) and give updates, reports for the quarter of your estate, any issues encountered by you (or us), discuss any project work required and most of all make sure you are happy with how things are going.